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Our main products contain wrought iron spear, wrought iron rosette, wrought iron baskets, handles, stamping goods, cast iron, cast steel products, injection plastic products and so on.

The quality concept take first priority at Lelan, and professional service with high price competitiveness offer you best satisfaction.

In addition, with the innovated forging and stamping production line and rich professional experience, Lelan also offer service for customer's specific needs.

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Latest Projects

forged iron balusters' production

Forged iron baluster are in production, the red hot iron is hammered continuously to make wrought iron balusters

Production of wrought iron spears

As the photo show, wrought iron spears are in production, red iron shows the strong of wrought iron spears Wroug

Preparing loading of wrought iron products during conronavirus

All the production of wrought iron products are back to normal, no affect from conronavirus, loading containers